Legal Concept of the Law and Human Behavior Senses: Psychology Based on Nine Senses

Laws and rules based on human behaviors has 9 senses which we were learned in past wrong information, like human had only 5 senses. In legal concept of the laws and human behaviors teaches all of senses , Majid Khodabandeh traces the world laws base of politics and religions or kingdom, communist , democratic or republicans, the way society understand communication and relationships through his world wide travels which every where in the world was different laws explains of humanity and how will be improved based on enjoyment of all senses for better laws and strong societal vision.

Thought Provoking Architectural Design Ideas

In this Architectural book, I will Discuss the following topics: Principal of Interior Design and Exterior Design, Houses, Also Monuments making.

World Language

World Language is recommended for all ages, especially for early childhood from two to eighteen years old during elementary school years to middle childhood development and early adulthood. Additionally, it is a good read for anyone traveling or on business trips.